Friday, April 24, 2009

Tom’s Poem from The Uni Verse

The following is one of Tom Mach’s poems from his award-winning poetry book: The Uni Verse, published by Hill Song Press

© 2007 by Tom Mach

Nothing ever rests in this busy universe
All matter is constantly in motion.
Helium fires induce the stars to sparkle,
and comets zing like flaming arrows,
but they return after a long absence
to repeat their endless flight.
Asteroids fly through the blackness of space
and make senseless, eon-long orbits.
So too do galaxies continue on their move,
while the planets within circle about
the nearest star in carousel fashion.

Does Death not even exist in space?
Do objects move because there is nothing
to slow them from the Big Bang?
No friction, no blocks to retard their journey?
or…was there even a Big Bang?

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